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As my birthday approached, I started looking for a cake to make. Yeah, that’s right, I enjoy making my own birthday cake. I was going to make the Bon Appetit Devils Food Cake with Hazelnut Crunch, but it didn’t receive many rave reviews. And generally on Bon Appetit recipes, if it doesn’t get stellar reviews, I avoid it. Mainly because there are usually expensive ingredients and a lot of time to be wasted.

I started flipping through my Epicurious app and found this Chocolate Stout cake. Chocolate, with beer and more chocolate. And a little espresso. Yeah, that sounds like me.

This turned out to easily be the best cake I’ve ever made. The cake itself wasn’t too heavy (I think the carbonation of the beer lightens it up), just had a hint of stout flavor and the frosting was dreamy. The original recipe calls it frosting, but since it lacks butter, cream cheese or powdered sugar, I consider it more of a ganache. It’s completely better the next day. With coffee. For breakfast. Happy freaking birthday to me!

I’m going to break tradition here and just give you the link for the recipe. I usually hate blog posts that do that, but the recipe is long and a little involved and I’d rather just show you pictures of beer and chocolate. If that doesn’t convince you to go make this cake, I don’t know what will. GO MAKE THIS CAKE.

Oh, hello chocolate. Do you want to get in my cake?

I choose chocolate stout because I figured I would have some left over and I wanted something I could finish off. Do you know what makes baking chocolately cake even better? Doing it while drinking a beer. At 9 a.m.

And that, my dear reader, is a stiff peak.

I’m really afraid of folding. From the first time my grandmother showed me how I’ve been petrified I’d ruin the egg whites. Here’s the thing though, unless you are making soufflĂ© or something else completely dependent on keeping all the air in the whites, all you are ruining in your cake is the texture. Not the flavor. And frankly, I’m ok with chocolate cake that’s a little dense.

I couldn’t wait for the frosting to set up. I’m just too impatient. So yeah, some of it slid off the cake. Don’t worry though, I ate whatever wouldn’t stay on the cake with a spoon. NO WASTING CHOCOLATE FROSTING!

So sad that my husband left town and I have to eat this entire cake myself. What’s that? Share with the neighbors? They probably all have a chocolate allergy.