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Awhile back, we drove toward Seattle to visit the Museum of Flight. The museum is one of hundred’s across the country participating in the Blue Star Museum Program, where museums offer military free admission. I know that may not seem like a big deal, but when you are in a strange place far from your family and often in a part of the country you don’t know, it can be a relief to go visit a museum, to at least be out with other people and find out about where they’ve sent you now. PLUS in the middle of summer, there’s usually air conditioning. So a big thanks to the museums that participate.

Now, the Flight Museum. I had no idea what to expect. The Boeing Factory Tour is the big draw around here, for obvious reasons. But you can’t take kids younger than 6 on the tour. Off we headed to the Museum of Flight and it BLEW. MY. MIND. First off, they have free parking. That’s right. Not an enormous amount, but what they do have is FREE!!! Secondly, they have a ton of full sized airplanes (and helicopters and old fashioned flying machines with silk wings) all over the place. I mean literally floor to ceiling. Some you can walk through, some you can sit in. They also have great exhibits on space exploration and the early days of Boeing. If you walk across a covered bridge to the other side of the street, they have a retired Air Force One and  a retired British Concorde you can walk through as well as several others you can walk around.

I’m sort of a museum geek, but that just means you can trust me when I tell you this one is the worth the price of admission. Kids and adults alike were wandering around completely awe-struck. Wanna walk through the science lab of a space shuttle? Go ahead. Wanna sit in the cockpit of a fighter jet? Climb on in. Wanna see what a presidential lavatory looks like? Take a peek.

I will definitely bring visitors to the Museum of Flight. I thought it was really well done. And their gift shop had Astronaut Barbie. So that’s extra points in my book.

Planes! Planes! More planes!! The kids loved it. I could only think “What if one falls from the ceiling . . .”

Inside the science lab from one of the space shuttles. Grace was fascinated with the fact the astronauts have to velcro themselves to the wall to sleep.

Bridge to the other side, where you can walk through life size planes. Warning: they play the sounds of airplanes buzzing past you REALLY loud in the tunnel. In case you have kids sensitive to sound. Or a mom not expecting it . . .

Grace, our fighter pilot. See how tough she looks? I can almost hear Highway to the Danger Zone . . .