When we lived in Hawaii I used to love getting around the island to explore. Of course, it helped that what I had to explore were killer beaches.

Since we’ve been in Washington, I’ve done less exploring. I would like to say it’s because it’s rainy and hard to bundle the kids in and out of the car, or because I’ve been polishing my hardwood floor or curing cancer. The truth is, I’ve just been lazy. I am certainly missing the ladies I used to explore Hawaii with. But they have all moved to other far flung places, so it’s time I put my big girl pants back on and got out of the house.

Awhile ago I googled “lakewood wa bakery” and Mama’s Bakery popped up. I ‘liked’ them on Facebook, since they don’t have a webpage (a trend I’ve noticed among many local businesses) and followed their status updates. The updates were the usual stuff about new flavors or events, but what caught my eye was all the appreciation they showed to their customers. Pretty refreshing to see a business so connected to the community.

When I dropped by this week, Mama herself (Tammy) was there baking away. Mama’s Bakery sells signature jumbo muffins, bread and right now, cupcakes to the public and through local coffee shops. Mama explained that the cupcakes aren’t the trendy ones that are all the rage at bakeries right now. They are just the cupcakes she was making at home anyway and thought people might like to try them. And they are BIG cupcakes compared to what you’re getting at other places these days. I know she was very busy, but she took time out to chat with me about other good local spots to check out, and she was nice to Janie, who tried to destroy the store. And since she was probably the only adult I spoke to that day, I appreciated her being so kind.

As an Air Force wife it is easy sometimes to feel a little like an outsider when you leave the base. Often you never find the good places to eat, or the shortcuts to Target until right before you PCS again. I felt very welcome at Mama’s.

In case you’re wondering, the jumbo muffins were fantastic, as was the cupcake and the loaf of bread I picked up. If you’re ever in this neck of the woods, check them out (10518 S Tacoma Way, Lakewood, WA 98499)

These muffins were ready for a delivery. They are so big, only 6 fit in box!

The day I visited, there were at least 4 different kinds of fresh bread. Do you know what a place full of fresh bread and muffins smells like? Heaven, that's what.

Death by chocolate cupcake? Sure! I don't have nearly enough chub around my middle!

No really, that muffin is as big as Jane's face.