One year ago today, I published my very first post. I had no idea what I was doing, which is painfully apparent when I go back and read my early posts. What I did know was that the only people who would read it would be my folks and my best friend. Out of obligation more than interest.

Turns out,  a few more people have read my blog than just those three (in fact 9,310 people have read my blog, according to WordPress).  Wordpress lets me see what search terms people entered that eventually led them to my blog. Most of them are funny or mundane. Unfortunately, some are gross, which is why I’ve had to delete some of my posts. Some of my favorites are:

  • “how to stick your face in a plywood cutout” This one is fairly popular. I didn’t realize people needed directions on this.
  • “gwneyth’s juicy peaches” which led people to this post and I’m pretty sure they were sorely disappointed to find BBQ sauce.
  • “are no yolk noodles clean” What the hell does that mean? Why would you ever wonder that?
  •  “what to do with leftover watermelon”, or some variation thereof, has been searched the most. That’s a lot of watermelon out there not going to waste, presumably because people are taking my suggestion and pouring vodka in it!

My favorite posts have to be “Sometimes” and “The Days go so Quickly and so Slowly at the Same time” because they are the honest truth about my life everyday. I’m not going to make stuff up to make it seem like being at home is the greatest thing ever.  My favorite recipe is “Pucker Up Buttercup, it’s Lemon Cheesecake” I love that stuff. LOVE. IT.

The three most viewed recipes on my blog are Martha’s Lemon Blueberry Tea-cakes, Look Ma! I used my waffle iron, and Blue Bonnet Chocolate Chip Cookies. Oddly enough, the Racheal Ray brownie in the waffle iron posts gets at least one view everyday. Lots of people using that waffle iron for good. The most viewed non-recipe post is “Coat Hanger Ornament Wreath“, followed closely by “Rollin in the Holy” (because baby baptisms are so fun?).

And, because this is me we’re talking about, the post on my blog that received the most hits in one day WASN’T EVEN MY POST. It was a guestblog by my dear friend, Lauren. The least read post is “Ticket to Ride” which is too bad, because the ferry ride to Bainbridge has been one of the highlights of being stuck on the mainland again.

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by my blog, on purpose or to try and get a glimpse of Gwenyth Paltrow’s peaches. This blog has given me something to do when I thought surely stay at home momdom was going to make me insane.

Looking back through all my old posts, I would say my biggest mistake has been revealing to the internet what a horrible housekeeper I am. Especially my kitchen, which has been exposed as typically strewn with old cooking magazines, wine bottles, open cabniets and drawers, dirty dishes and coffee mugs from some morning . . . so here is photographic evidence that I do in fact know how to clean my kitchen. Sort of. See mom, you did raise me right.

ps. the photobooth strip above is me, trying in vain to take one of those sexy self photos girls are always taking of themselves and posting on facebook (as part of a bet I lost). As you can see, I am the least sexy person alive. BUT you should still go to photoboother.com and check it out. It’s awesome!