January 6, 2006. Never been that thin since . . .

6 years.

1 life changing surprise. 1 noon on a friday at the Deadwood City Hall for only the cost of the license by the mayor (who gave up his lunch hour because I was in law school with his son) wedding. 5 of our first 12 months apart. Grace. 3 graduations (COT, JASOC, law school). 3 law licenses. 5 states, 5 moves, 7 homes. 1 rat in the attic (RIP Phillipe). Jane. Millions of fights, some big (the Air Force is ruining my career), some small ( no, I don’t want to watch Jaws. Again.). 3 cars. 4 computers. 1 lost plug to the inflatable whale pool we never did find.

6 years ago, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I felt like I was living an after school special complete with a breakup, a surprise pregnancy and a city hall wedding. I had no idea as I stood there 4 months pregnant (in a dress that was meant for a beach wedding and was SO out of place in South Dakota. In January.) what being married was all about. I’d never even lived with a boy.

What I did know that day was that Kirk and I loved each other. All I could do was hope that would be enough. What I know now, and what I wish I could tell that scared young woman in Deadwood, is that it’s all going to be alright. All the good and the bad and the ridiculous and the sad and the joyful and the babies and the Air Force and the jobs and the fights and the crazy. It’s all going to be ok. You love each other, and that is enough. You picked a good one. And you got REALLY lucky he picked you back. Because I’m crazy. Flat out, no two ways about it.

6 years.

Happy Anniversary Kirk. We made it this far when no one thought we would. Here’s to many more.

(second photo by Natalie Norton)