Because i have a bit of a holiday hangover,

Because I’m in a <possibly permanent> sugar/butter/fatty meat coma,

Because I’ve been in a bit of a funk now for awhile and I can’t seem to shake it all the way off,

Because I need to quit baking and head to the YMCA before I have to buy new pants,

I have been and might continue to take a little break from the blogging. Could last a day or a little longer.

However, because my kids don’t care if I’m feeling glum, we headed to the park on Monday, just to get out of the house and I’ll share those photos with you, instead of a pic of me eating my millionth Christmas cookie (which is what I’m doing as I type this, one handed).

As a side note: if you googled ‘holiday hangover cure’ or something similar and ended up here, I apologize. I don’t have a miracle cure. Sausage Egg McMuffins and reruns of America’s Test Kitchen used to set me right again. So you could try that. And if I can speak for your mother here for just a second: next time, have one less cocktail dear.

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