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Let's get this show on the road!

In order to avoid Black Friday, we drove out to the coast. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, I knew it wouldn’t look like Waikiki, and I was afraid I would hate it instantly because it didn’t. All the way down there I kept trying to think about what the scenery reminded me of: it was part Wisconsin farm land, part Sioux City after the floods of 2007 and part Vermont in the winter. I wondered if Grace would remember this drive when she was older, and think to herself, hey, this looks like the time Mom and Dad shoved us in the car, didn’t let us play with the iPad and drove us to the ocean.

So, we arrived in Ocean Shores and it was . . . cold. And windy. And cold. We walked through the dunes down to the shore and nearly froze to death. Ok, I’m being dramatic. But we didn’t stay out there long. We headed to Galway Bay Irish Pub to warm up with hard cider and clam chowder (rumored to be the best in the state). Then we braved the beach again. Jane loved stepping in the puddles and Grace wanted to look for crabs. The beach is hard packed sand and so vast. I mean really, it’s so wide and long and the ocean is so white and stirred up I felt really really tiny. I also felt grateful (warning, I’m about to get mushy on you) just for a moment, that my life has been so blessed that 6 months ago I was living in beautiful Hawaii and now I’m in gorgeous Washington.

That's what it looks like when the sun comes out around here, sort of hazy and through the clouds.

Hopefully we’ll get to explore some of the better looking coastline around here ( I hear it’s nicer in Oregon and up in Northern Washington). I’m pretty glad this was our Friday adventure. And hey, I bought a coffee mug and some taffy, you know, to help stimulate the economy.

The sand dunes were really neat. They don't have those in Hawaii.

Yep, you wear hats and boots to the beach here. Wish I'd remembered my mittens.