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Some of Grace's homemade turkey decorations. She actually may be more upset about the lack of Thanksgiving excitement. She loves dinner rolls and pie.

I think the National Retailer Federation has decided to get rid of Thanksgiving, since it’s really just a hurdle to Christmas. Now I know this blog is supposed to be about food and my kids and stuff. But I’m going to venture a little off topic here for a minute. I’m a little concerned that something is seriously wrong in this country if we are entirely skipping over a unique, American holiday in favor of hurtling ourselves toward Christmas.

Last weekend, Grace and I went looking for some Thanksgiving or Fall decorations. Nothing big, or ornate, but since we have paper cut outs to tape on the window for every other holiday, why not Thanksgiving? And we found nothing. Literally Target had NOT ONE fall decoration. Just all the Christmas lights and wreaths they’ve had since mid October. Michaels, the meca of seasonal crafts had one pathetic feather wreath and a turkey statute. Amongst aisles crammed so full of Christmas stuff even skinny minny Grace had a hard time getting down them.

Now look, I love Christmas. I love the cookies and the lights and the way the incense stinks up the place at midnight mass and the songs (Oh how I adore White Christmas! On Repeat. Sometimes all day) but what the hell is the big hurry to get there? I feel like this year the retailers shouted “Here, while you’re in the Halloween aisle, pick up some Christmas Garland! Throw on your costume! Choke down your candy! HURRYUP HURRYUP! Now get out the ads and start making your Black Friday shopping list! Don’t stop on Thanksgiving! Who cares? Buy, buy, buy those presents! No one will like you if you don’t!  HURRYUP HURRYUP! Christmas is coming!!!”

Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time to slow down for a weekend. Pull out those recipes you are too tired and too strapped for time to make the rest of the year. To think about what you have to be thankful for, even if it’s not much. To share with those who are less fortunate.  I genuinely believe it is a greater present to bake someone your gramma’s pecan pie, or offer to mash the potatoes or pop open that can of Pillsbury Crescent rolls than it is to buy someone a Christmas gift they don’t need/want/know what to do with because Target’s market analyst says it’s the number one gift of the season.

And what is the hurry to get to Christmas? I mean, it comes every year whether you buy your presents in July and have your cards stamped and mailed on December 1st.  No one opens a Christmas gift and thinks “Gee, so and so really loves me more than anyone else, she bought my present on November 3rd instead of waiting till December 20th”. And you know, once the excitement of the season is over, it’s just a cold, dark, muddy, frozen winter to look forward too (unless you have a stellar babysitter with no social life and then you can enjoy New Years).

All I’m saying is lets bring back Thanksgiving.  As it’s own delightfully gluttonous holiday, not just the day you have to endure before you can go sit in your lawn chair in the Toys R Us parking lot at 3 a.m. And if you need a place to go on Thanksgiving, the doors always open here. But you have to bring some booze.