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Warning: White Trash Toffee is HIGHLY addictive. And not in the dainty “oh sure, I’ll have another piece” sort of way. In the don’t care how many times I have to open the freezer, FDA should list it as a schedule 1 drug, I just had 3 pieces for breakfast before I even had a sip of coffee sort of way.

The genius of it is that it’s sweet and salty and the easiest thing in the world to make. No kidding, if it didn’t involve the oven, Grace could have done it with one hand tied behind her back while watching Batman on The Hub (thanks Kirk, for getting her hooked on that).

I know I suggest you try a lot of recipes, but I’m serious about this one. Just try it once. I found my recipe on YumSugar last year, and I’ve linked you there. They use nuts, I don’t. I also crush my crackers so you get an even crust on the bottom, but I’ve made it with whole crackers and it’s still tasty. Just harder to break into pieces once it’s frozen. I shared mine with Jane and Grace, and now Jane stands at the freezer screaming “Mo! Mo! MO!!!”

White Trash Toffee

Four ingredients. No kidding. If you can't manage this recipe, you should just avoid the kitchen all together for the rest of your life.

  • 40 Saltines (one sleeve) (I crush mine, so I use about 50)
  • 1 Cup unsalted butter
  • 1 Cup ligtly packed brown sugar
  • 12 oz. semisweet chocolate chips (I used dark chocolate, I also use the whole bag. You do what you gotta do.)
  • Optional: 1/4 cup roughly chopped roasted almonds, walnuts or pecans.
  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Line a 12×19 baking sheet with foil, spray foil with cooking spray.  Either place saltines evenly on foil or crush lightly in a ziplock and then pour evenly onto foil. You don’t have to do the foil. But who wants to risk all that sugar and butter sticking to your baking pan?
  2. In a sauce pan, melt butter and sugar over medium low heat, bring to a bubble. Continue stirring, let bubble for 3 minutes, just until mixture thickens, not until it’s caramel.
  3. Pour sugar over crackers. Place in oven for three minutes. Remove from oven, evenly spread chips over crackers and sugar. Return to oven for one minute. Remove and using an offset spatula, smooth chocolate evenly over crackers and sugar
  4. Allow to cool at least 10 minutes on the counter. Then place in freezer for one hour and allow to hardened. When it’s set, you can peel off the foil and break toffee into pieces. Store in freezer or refrigerator.

Bubbly butter and sugar. So pretty. Just remember to run water in the saucepan once you're done. Otherwise you're gonna have a sticky mess.

No free rides around here. You want to stuff your face with toffee? You got to work for it.

The offset spatula is really the key here to spreading the chocolate evenly. If you don't have one, use a regular spatula, knife, etc..

Buttery. Salty. Chocolately. I'm pretty sure even crazy people who swear off sugar and butter and carbs would scarf this down.