Do you ever have the idea something is going to turn out really awesome and then it doesn’t? Like Mt. Rushmore isn’t as big as you think it would be, or your Thanksgiving dinner doesn’t hit the table hot or your haircut while pregnant to make you face look thinner doesn’t work?

Maybe that’s just me.

Today, it was apple picking. I’ve been waiting to do it since we moved here and finally, finally the apples are ripe at Terries Berries. So we head out and grab a bucket. We take the rickety ‘hay ride’ out to the orchard, hop out and walk into the trees. It’s cold out (ok, it’s 50 degrees, but it feels cold to me). The kids aren’t having much fun. Kirk, whose home for a few days and has a cold is clearly only humoring me. We pick a bucket and trudge back to the farm, pay and leave. I made pie with the apples. That was certainly a highlight of the day.

The lesson I guess is to lower my expectations. I don’t live in an episode of the Martha Stewart show, so nothing is going to be that fantastical. And I wasn’t the only mom out there who was a little disgruntled. There were quite a few of us who were clearly annoyed our family dared to not enjoy the outing.   I enjoyed myself picking the apples though, and I will definitely force everyone to go back next year. ‘Cause I’m the mom and I said so.

ps– the white stuff all over the trees and apples is white clay, since it’s an organic farm they can’t spray pesticides to keep the apple flies away, so they use the clay.

Best part of the day: I got to wear my vest, which I bought on clearance 4 years ago, wore once, and put into storage.

Grace was all about the apple picking. Until she realized some of the apples had bugs in them and weren't shiny (waxy) like they are at the store.

Good thing we brought Kirk, most of the good apples were up high. And they were dwarf trees. Geez I'm short.

Grace was a really good picker. More delicate than I would have thought, she didn't try to rip the apples off the tree.

This picture showcases: 1.) my great ability to use the gorilla pod to take a CENTERED family photo and 2.) how excited everyone was to be apple picking!