I don’t usually recommend books to anyone. I mean, recommended The Help but it’s sold like a bazillion copies and was made into a movie, so I feel like it’s a safe bet. I don’t recommend them because sitting down to read an entire book is really an investment of time and I’d hate for anyone to put off the laundry or Dancing with the Stars or that extra bowl of ice cream because of something I suggested, and then end up hating it.

That being said, you should totally read of Bees and Mist. Janie picked it out for me at the library last week. I think she liked the orange cover. Usually I can’t wrangle her well enough to queitly peruse the books, so we’ve resorted to letting her pick them for me.

I can’t really summarize it or even explain it to you (I know, this is the best book review you ever read, right?). The book is part romance, part fantasy, part magic and part mystery. It’s got an overbearing mother in law, ungrateful children, and loads of crazy folks.

Just try and trust me on this one. Check it out from your library if your skeptical. Libraries are still free! If you hate it, I apologize in advance. And if you like it, return the favor and recommend something I should check out next time!