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I recently had a friend in town and so of course we went to Pike’ Place Market. We went on a Tuesday in the late morning and the Market was a whole different place than the first time we went with the girls. Lots less frantic hollering and pushing and shoving. Only moderate amounts of pushing and shoving.


We had to eat lunch. I’m not one to miss a meal. And there right in the middle of the Market is Lowell’s. Their tagline is “Almost Classy”. If you know me, you know why that spoke to me.

The restaurant has three levels. On the main floor they have a takeout counter and the 2nd and 3rd floors are dedicated to table service. The view is KILLER. No joke, you can practically see all the way to Bainbridge Island.

I went straight for the bloody mary menu (they have a long list of local wines and other cocktails). I love bloody mary’s. I’ve learned over the years that people either love them or hate them, based on how they feel in general about V-8. But I’m telling you, if you have a really well made, spicy bloody, it will change your opinion. I ordered the Chile Mary and I was delighted. Bordering on almost too spicy, it was perfect. Oh, and my tuna melt and chowder were pretty stellar too. They use food from the Market so everything was fresh and delicious.

So if you come to Seattle and go to Pike’s Place Market (which you will), go to Lowell’s at an off hour. I know there are more places to eat at the market than a person can hope to explore in one day. Even if you just stop here for a drink, it’s worth it.  Better yet, let me know you’re coming and I’ll meet you there. They have lots of other bloodys for me to try!

I promise, it looks awesomer in person. But I don't promise it will be a stunningly sunny day for you. It is Seattle after all.

That wasn't canned tuna in that sandwich. And I would have eaten it even if it was, the rosemary bread was that good.