This weekend we headed out to check out another Washington star attraction: Mt. Rainier. The entrace to Mt. Rainier National Park is about an hour drive from our house, through towering pine trees. Nice drive, if you don’t have kids demanding to know if you are there yet. And I’d like to just say for the record that since we’ve moved here, I’ve become a little obessesed with the way sunlight filters through the trees and have taken lots and lots of blurry/bad/blair witch projectesque photos of such.

We chose to do this 2 1/2 loop through the park, but this website has lots of other suggestions and of course the park offers many nondriving activities. We spent the day looking for bears (didn’t see any) and explaining to Grace we weren’t going anywhere in particular, this was it, the gorgeous scenery. She didn’t get it. Being from Colorado, it was nice to be back in the mountains. Grace particularly enjoyed playing in <dirty, months old> snow.

We bought an annual pass. You know, if you’re interested in visiting me. And want a friend to go to Mt. Rainier with.

Ohhh, there it is!

Lupine! Haven’t seen that stuff in awhile.

Grace and snow, together again after almost three years. And yes, we talked about how you don’t eat black/grey/brown/yellow snow.

Checking out the chairs at the Longmire Inn. That’s right! you can stay in the park and sit in the same chairs for a low, tax dollar subsidized price!