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The girls and I went to pick up our first share of local veggies and fruits today at Terry’s Berries. The farm is near McChord Field and they have a community supported agriculture program, which I discovered one day googling “farms near McChord that grow apples.” Because lets be serious, there isn’t a lot to get excited about moving from Hawaii to anywhere, but I figured apple picking in the fall would make the transition more fun.

Last weekend we drove out and checked out the farm, to see if it was an actual farm or some yuppie nonsense where they put the produce in old looking bins (which are from the pottery barn catalog) to make it more authentic. Real farm: check. Terry herself actually selling the food: check. Fresh strawberries, the only strawberry I’ve ever seen Jane eat: check. So I went online and signed up for a sampler share of their summer goods.

I know what you may be thinking, I know what my husband thinks. I want to participate in CSA to fulfill some need to eat organic and feel fancy. But that’s ridiculous. If you know me at all, you know I am more than willing to stuff a nitrate laced hot dog and some transfatty chips in my face. I signed up to force us to eat something different, veggie and fruit wise, every week, I like supporting small local farms (because lets be real, the more expensive gas gets, the more expensive produce from across the country will get and the less we’ll be able to eat) and I’d rather pay them directly than the friendly girl at Whole Foods. Also, my kids are weird enough without filling them full of pesticides (occasional hotdog aside). Guess I’d better order me some Birkenstocks . . .

If you want to find a CSA in your neck of the woods, click here.

Our share for the week. I intend to put the zucchini into bread, therefore removing all nutritional benefit. There was more to be had, cabbage and beets and fennel, but I'm not sure Grace is ready for beets.

That's right Grace, carrots don't grow in baby size, washed and peeled in the ground. And let me tell you, these carrots tasted so much better.