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So today we headed to the Museum of Glass. Apparently a big draw in these parts. The lady said active duty military were free, which I think only meant Kirk, but she didn’t charge for any of us. Score! On one side of the museum they have a bunch of kilns? Giant ovens? Where they heat up the glass to create things. It was fascinating to watch them heat it up to glowing and then work with it like it was liquid.


There are exhibits in the rest of the museum, visiting artist pieces, pieces that kids drew on paper and then were turned into glass sculptures, and a giant installation of clear glass that looks like a forest after an ice storm. Neat, right? You’ll have to take my word for it. NO PHOTOS ALOWED. We were hollered at by some scruffy college kid with a walkie talkie all dressed in black. Still can’t figure out why you can’t take pics. But I never question the authority of someone wearing a loaded walkie talkie.

Outside they have some neat glass you CAN take pictures of, and bridge over the highway filled with glass art. They light it up at night, that’s what I’d go back for. Overall, it was a good way to spend an hour. But I can say that because I got in free. Otherwise I’d say skip the inside and just go see the bridge. To me, this was a place that’s a better concept that a reality.