Well kids, I’m back. We made it to WA via a long and winding road through South Dakota. I’ll spare you the details. PCSing is about the least fun thing on earth. Currently we are house hunting. Blah. I have to keep reminding myself that I’m not buying the house, not living there forever, so maybe a lack of caulk around the tub isn’t that bad.

Washington state is stunning. Everywhere you look there are evergreen trees or Mt. Rainier or some other crazy gorgeous scenery. Hasn’t even rained once (knock on wood). I know a lot of you have already seen the following Instagrsm photos, but this is a test post to see how good I am at blogging on the iPad. Frankly I’m not too good. I have fat sausage fingers, making iPad typing difficult. Anyhow, enjoy the photos and hopefully we’ll have a home soon, so I can go back to talking recipes. After eating out three meals a day for nearly a month, I’m ready to lock myself in the kitchen and never come out.