October 6, 1981

Dear Dad,

What can I say? No, really. There isn’t much that ever goes unsaid between us, the good, the bad, the ugly. So I guess I’ll start with thanks for teaching me to always be respectful, but to always speak my mind. Thanks for always telling me I was smart and pretty, but it would be the smart that would get me farther. Thanks for teaching me to be confident in myself, that I was to always be respected and treated like an equal. Thanks for trying to warn me that boys were yucky and only after one thing. Thanks for teaching me that nothing good happens after midnight.

Thanks for teaching me about false starts, Vince Lombardi and the time when the Broncos wore the stripes on their socks the wrong way. Thanks for teaching me college football is vastly superior to professional football and to always cheer for the underdog. Also, special thanks for introducing me to brats and cheese.

Thanks for teaching me to judge people as individuals, not by their skin color or gender or lifestyle or how much money they do or don’t have. Thanks for teaching me that the important thing is to work hard and keep your head up, not how many cars you can buy or how much you can spend. Thanks for turning me into such a bleeding heart.

Thanks for not disowning me when I got pregnant and then married. Thanks for being such a great gramps to the girls. Always ready to be silly or color or do whatever those two nutballs want to make you do.

Thanks for being the only person in the world who still calls me Jennifer.

Have a wonderful Father’s Day Dad. Love, Jennifer Rose