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20 minutes after opening, the place is hopping.

The KCC Farmer’s Market is a lot like your local farmer’s market. If yours took cocaine and had a loading/unloading zone for buses. This farmer’s market is packed to the hilt with tourists. I don’t mind tourists who leave their resort and go off the beaten path to check out the local community. But these generally aren’t that type. These are knock you down with a $500 Hello Kitty purse, slap you in the face with their giant sun shielding hat, synchronize their watch with their bus operator so when time is up they can crawl back on the bus and check! head off to the next attraction tourists. irritating isn’t the word for it. However, without the tourists I bet the market couldn’t support not one but three locally grown honey booths, so I’ll cut them a little slack.

Chowing down in the car to avoid the tourists. I mean the rain.

Grace actually requested to go to the farmer’s market this morning for Gramma G’s sweet bread french toast and portuguese sausage. That girl loves portuguese sausage. So off we went, despite my deep seated desire not too. I even found a parking place right away! Yippeeee! We picked up some guava bread, some blush lettuce and a new orchid (to replace the one I’ve killed while watching my neighbors house). Then we snagged the french toast and grabbed a seat on the curb to grub up. And it started to sprinkle. Which freaked Grace out (I don’t know what she’s going to do in Washington) and she insisted we go to the car and eat. I was a little peeved, because I still wanted to look for a few things to send to friends on the mainland but once we were back in the quiet of the car I was glad we were done.

Bectcha don’t have giant bags of soy beans where you live!

Despite the negative tone of this post, I encourage you to check out your local farmer’s market  this summer. It’s a great place to get to know your neighbors, find out what’s going on in your community and pick yourself up some produce you know wasn’t trucked or shipped in from lord knows where. It’s neat to actually meet the person who grew your food, plus they usually have good advice on good places to eat or how to cook that weird veggie the are selling.  CLICK HERE to find a market in your area. I promise you’ll like it!

Does this look like the sign of a mecca for tourists who pay $500 a night for a hotel room? You might think no, but you would be wrong.

Delicious breads made by the Mauna Kea Baking Company.

Grace picked out the tallest of the $8 orchids. That girl knows how to get the most bang for your buck!

Yes she does know how to use utensils. But as soon as I opened the box she reached in to snatch a piece of sausage.

Anthrium are always plentiful (and cheap) at the market and they last forever after they are cut.

Who can pass up blushing lettuce?