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Jenn’s Note: Number three in the guestblog series is the lady I’ve known since I was fourteen. Stephanie lives in my old hometown, not very far from where we both grew up and is raising her two kids there. Talk about the circle of life!  Somehow she manages to work and be a great mom and wife. She blogs about her life over at The Malia Way. Her posts discusses one of the best and worst things about modern technology: the over abundance of information out there for parents. All of it written by folks who have probably never spent anytime at all with an actual child.

When I came across Babycenter six years ago, I thought this must be the mecca of information.This website has it all. Anything you could possibly want to know about the miracle of life and your impending bundle of joy is here. Everything. And as an added bonus, you can create a profile and they send you weekly emails! As a mom-to-be I found them fascinating. As mom to a newborn, I found them essential. As a mom experienced mom, I now find them humorous.

I recently read an article sent to me entitled “What to expect this year . . . Age 5” I seriously laughed out loud while reading it. Sometimes it’s good to know that my daughter is right on track with BabyCenter’s milestones. Here’s a quick synopsis of the article:

Tests the limits of her independence, sometimes to the point of being rude. Really? Sometimes to the point of being rude? I’m being to think these authors have never spent more than 5 minutes around a 5 year old. They are explosive little balls of independence and you never know when they will unleash the terror.

Talks in complex sentences that often run together.  Any child who has been given too much sugar lets their sentences run together. Just try to unravel that complexity into something coherent. But I get the milestone, not all children use sophisticated words yet. Belle, however, watches lots of princess movies and emulates their speech. And we all know princesses are very proper.

Makes her own bed. Notice this doesn’t say “makes their own bed according to their mother’s standards”. To a five year old, it counts as making your bed if your blanket is somewhat close to the pillow, even if all the stuffed animals are still under the sheets.

You should read what they have to say about two year olds  . . .

I'm pretty sure "Desires to be a princess when she grows up" should be a milestone.