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Took the girls to the zoo last week because, well, what else did we have to do? After that hour of fun (no Jane, don’t eat the pigeon poop, no Jane, don’t scream at the tigers) I thought it was time for a treat. For me at least. So we headed to the famous Leonard’s for malasadas (click here for an explanation on malasadas). We drive past it every time we go to the zoo but their parking lot is also a zoo and so we don’t usually stop. I’m a pretty lazy mom.

I’m not as crazed as the guidebooks and the locals and the busloads of tourists are about malasadas because to me they are a lot like Krispy Kreme’s. When they are hot and fresh out of the oven, they are little bites of heaven. 30 minutes later, they taste like all other donuts. And please don’t shower me with nasty comments on how malasadas aren’t donuts. They are close enough for this blog post.

Lucky for us, Leornard’s bakes them fresh all day. And because it was a Wednesday morning, there were no long lines. Inside the air smelled so good I could just lick it. Leonard’s sells all kinds of confections and t-shirts and juices and even cappuccino. But you can tell it’s the malasadas people come for because the first question I was asked was “How many ma’m”. And they still put them in thick cardboard boxes that they tape shut on three sides. So they hand you this box that is warm and smells like cinammony heaven (if you go for the cinnamon ones) and then you have to struggle to get it open. It’s like Christmas when your aunt sends  you something good but uses half a roll of scotch tape on the box.

If you’re ever on Oahu, stop at Leonard’s ( if its a week day or something and the three parking places they have aren’t all taken). It’s a pretty neat treat.

Oh hello pretty pink box of deliciousness.

We went for the cinnamon instead of the plain. We like to keep it fancy.

I used that half dozen malasadas as a bribe all day for good behavior. If they weren't so bad for you, I'd use them everyday. VERY EFFECTIVE.