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Awhile ago, I had half of a large watermelon left. Grace had insisted we buy it and then refused to eat it because it had seeds. Big shout out here to my arch nemesis the commissary for labeling the watermelon ‘seedless’ and then selling me a watermelon with more seeds than I’ve ever seen. So there we were with all this watermelon and Grace suggested we make watermelon juice and freeze it like popsicles. 10 minutes later I was wrist deep in ice cold watermelon wondering how I would ever get enough (seedless) flesh to make juice. Eventually I did, and then we had to puree it in the blender . . . and strain it . . . and since my popsicle mold only makes 4 popsicles, I had a lot of hard won juice left.

Incidentally, watermelon juice doesn’t freeze like a regular popsicle, so Grace was disappointed in the end.

And as for all the leftover juice? I made cocktails. For those of you who know me, this isn’t surprising. The result was refreshing and I would recommend it for a party or BBQ. If you can use a seedless watermelon to speed up the process.

Watermelon Cooler

  • half glass watermelon juice, half glass seltzer or tonic water, for the bubbles. I suppose you could use Sprite if you wanted.
  • 1 1/2 shots vodka (or more, if you’re having a rough day)
  • juice of half a lime

Does this look seeedless to you?

Did it take me a ridiculous amount of time to juice a watermelon? Sure did. Did this cocktail make up for it? Sure did.