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Jenn’s Note: continuing my guestblogging series is my sister in law Meghann, who recently returned from a summer (well almost summer) getaway to Florida.


Florida is the poor man’s Hawaii

Cute pineapple trees! Made me think of Hawaii

After a ridiculously long winter Bret and I decided we needed to head someplace warmer for some respite and to gain a hint of color back to our skin.  We would have loved to have gone back to Hawaii, but due to a lack of money and time that was not feasible.  So where can you go that is guaranteed to be warm and sunny, has beaches, and is a relatively short distance via plane?  Florida!  We figured it was finally safe to travel there since it had started to warm up in the Midwest and the majority of snow birds had traveled back home for the summer.   So it was decided the Minnesota Albertsons were flying south for Memorial Day weekend.

Sunset on the beach

Bret cruisin' in the convertible

The weekend started out nicely with an upgrade to first class.  This made the early morning flight much more bearable.  I definitely will miss this perk which comes as a result of my husband flying from one end of the United States to another on a weekly basis for his previous job.   We arrived in Ft. Myers around noon picked up our rental car and drove 40 minutes down to Naples.  Along the way we made a few stops, the first to pick up some sunscreen, water and beer at Super Target.  I was very excited to discover that they carry Kona Brewing Company’s Longboard Lager down in Florida.  We can’t get it in Minnesota so this was a great treat!  Then we grabbed some lunch at Chick fill A before checking into our hotel.

My Longboard Lager resting in the sand between sips

We had a great time sitting on the hotel’s private beach for two days staring at the gulf, people watching, enjoying a few frozen margaritas and beers and doing some light reading.  It was relaxing and wonderful, exactly what we both needed!  Unfortunately I got a little too much sun on Sunday which required us to try to find some non-beach activities to occupy our day while waiting for our flight.  We ended up at a miniature golf course.  The highlight of the day was both of us winning a free round of golf for getting a hole in one.  We have decided that if you’re not planning to spend the day at the beach and you’re too far away from Orlando, Florida kind of sucks.  But at least the weather was nice.  Still, it’s too bad we couldn’t afford to go to Hawaii.