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So my table runner pieces have been languishing since I finished cutting them. I always mean to get back to it, I really do, but then there is one more dish to wash, one more time to stop Janie from pulling Grace’s hair, one more bandaid to be applied. And if I do have free time I like to collapse in a pile of exhaustion. But today I thought damn the laundry pile! I’m working on my runner.  I don’t have a dedicated sewing table, my sewing table is also the kitchen/school project/mail pile/playdough/hiding spot for Jane table. Once I had it cleaned off, I realized I needed to iron the pieces,  because they had been pushed around to accomadate the above mentioned table uses. So I cranked up Adele’s 21 and got to work.

I found the ironing pretty soothing. The sound of the steam, the easy slide over the fabric, the no pressure, you can’t mess up ironing strips of fabric.  I was feeling good heading to the sewing machine. Then I got to the 1/4 inch seam allowance. Do you have any idea how tiny that is? Do you know how hard it is to keep a piece of fabric going through a moving machine so that the needle hits just a 1/4 inch from the edge of the fabric? Hell I can barely see well enough to thread the needle, let alone stare at the seam allowance guide (to solve this, I got out a red permanent marker and marked the line really dark and really big). And I used my seam ripper. A LOT. Then I began to relax again to the sound of the whirring machine.

I only got three strips of fabric sewn together before Jane woke up angry I had dared to leave her alone in her room . . . to nap!  The audactity! The good thing about sewing projects is that they don’t loudly demand your attention. No shouting, slapping, whining. Sewing projects just sit quietly and wait for you to return.

ps. if you don’t have Adele’s album, you need it. like yesterday.

Teeny tiny little needle to be threaded. Think I need a pair of glasses for this job or I'm going to go blind.

I iron the fabric, I pin the fabric, I lay the fabric nicely on the sewing machine . . . and it isn't even. GEEEZ.

Say hello to my little friend.