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Ancho Chicken Tacos with Cilantro Slaw and Avocado Cream.  Cooking Light‘s SuperFast section guaranteed it would be done in 20 minutes. Oh sure. Maybe 20 minutes in a pristine kitchen with an endless supply of clean utensils and vast counter tops where children are banned. I sometimes have trouble making Rachel Ray’s 30 minute meals in under 30 minutes. Frankly, I took this as a little bit of a challenge. I haven’t read a cooking magazine yet that factors in all the other craziness occurring in the kitchen into the ‘total cooking time’. So I set the timer for 20 minutes (and spotted myself the time to get out all the ingredients) and I was off.

17 minutes and 28 seconds later, I was done. “KIRK! I still have over two minutes left! I have time to make beans!” I couldn’t believe it. My first time through a recipe and I had finished it in under 20 minutes, complete with crawling children and the constant whine of “What’s for diiiiinnnnnnerrrr. Is it reeeeady yet?” Of course, I cooked like a maniac, my kitchen was destroyed, my Wailua Wheat had gotten a little warm and I had grated my finger in with the lime peel. But the tacos were delicious. There is way more slaw than is really necessary for 8 tacos, but it’s so delicious you could just eat it plain. I highly recommend this one. Click here for the recipe.

Note: Thanks to my neighbor Carl, who found the Ancho Chile Powder for me. Apparently the commissary keeps the exotic spices like ancho and coriander and rosemary segregated and I had missed it on my shopping trip, thinking it would be with the other spices. Silly me.

Ready, set, cook!

Spice mix for the chicken. The only non-green part of the whole shabang.

Done in under 20, delicious, and according to Cooking Light, not too bad for you. Haaaapy Dance!