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Here in Hawaii, it’s hard to tell that the seasons are changing. The only way to tell it’s winter is that it rains for two consecutive days. Sometimes it feels like living in a weird time warp. No fall leaves,  no bulbs pushing up through the wet snow, no ‘hottest day of the year’. The days all blend together . . . but there are still no fail signs of summer. And because this is me writing, most of them deal with food: watermelon, strawberries (because even though you can buy strawberries almost all year round now, they taste best in the summer), playing in the sprinkler, and after dinner trips to the park because it’s light so much later.

We enjoyed all of these last night, along with a long walk to watch the sunset at the entrance to Pearl Harbor. I found myself wondering if the sunsets are as beautiful in Washington, if I’ll miss perma summer and palm trees everywhere. Will I actually be as excited for that first cold snap of the fall when I’m huddled in my jacket? At least I’ll still have strawberries to look forward to . . .

Grace went to town, undeterred by the seeds.

She hates the ocean, but a $5.99 sprinkler spewing ice cold water? Well now that's something she gets excited for.

Thanks to Grace's tutelage, Jane can climb all the way to the top.

And to cap off the evening . . .