Grace graduated from pre-kindergarten today. NOT to be confused with pre-school, which I have been informed on more than one occasion is “for babies”. Sure the whole thing is a little silly. Give me a call when you graduate from high school and you need a ride to college, kid. That’s what part of me thinks. But the other part of me was a little misty eyed today. Grace has really grown up in the last year. Thanks to her wonderful teachers she can read and write and she knows all sorts of stuff about the stars and the earth and bugs and animals . . . stuff that I couldn’t have taught her because I wouldn’t have known where to start. I always thought teachers were pretty special people, but now I’m completely convinced they are saints. And I’m eternally grateful to Mrs. Keenan and Mrs. Canty for helping Gracie learn so much this year. So, as the kids sang today “Look out Kindergarten, HERE WE COME”!

Grace with her teachers Mrs. Keenan and Mrs. Canty. SUPER STARS in my book.

Oh, and Jane did some walking too.