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Jenn’s Note: One of the joys of being a grown up is that you can give up the pettiness, the cliqueness, the cattiness of being a young woman (although some ladies never learn) and form really fantastic friendships with other women. I’ve been blessed to have lots and lots of great women in my life, some who have known me since I was a Helgeson, some who knew me when I wore my lawyer britches, some who know me now in my current pj’s at 2 pm state. Some with kids, some without them. So I thought, why not get their perspective on my blog?  No rules, just a little slice of what’s happening where they are.

First up: My dear friend Lauren. You can go here to see how great I think she is. Lauren’s got a great suggestion on what to do with your kids on all those loooooong summer days when they are soooooo boooooored. And she’s sharing a great series of books for the young readers in your life. Here’s what she has to say:

I taught third grade nine years ago, what seems like a life time ago now, just outside of Detroit. One of my high reading groups (which was actually on grade level) read Judy Moody Saves the World. This very book was just found in a bin in the garage by my 6 year old daughter, who reads at a third grade level. It will be the fourth Judy Moody book in her collection.

On June 10th, the movie Judy Moody and the Not So Bummer Summer opens in theaters. I had to watch the trailer (which you can see here). I almost cried. I want to be 8 again! Hey, this is the perfect opportunity! My daughter’s last week of kindergarten is next week. Then the planning begins. What to do with her. All day . . . everyday. Oh, forget it. I stress enough. I’ll just let her be a kid! Getting dirty, chasing butterflies, destroying the house to find props for a movie. OH the FUN to be had. Don’t get me wrong, I just moved from Hawaii and a 2 1/2 year not so bummer summer. Sorry Anna, I can’t top that.

I can’t wait to see the movie, cheesy chick songs and all. I’m sure Anna will get some ideas from the movie about how to spend her time this summer. If that means one less day I have to plan something to keep her busy, I’ll do it.

That group of third graders who read Judy Moody in my class should be seniors next year. I know many of them have had a few bummer summers along the way. But maybe, just maybe, they will sneak into a movie theater (perhaps to make out with a boy), look up at  Judy Moody and think of me.

Lauren's class. She looks just as young as they do! Still does!

Great books. Pick them up for the young reader in your life.