What do you do when your neighbor goes on vacation and leaves you tons of the most gorgeous raspberries and blueberries? Both of which your kids will not eat raw? You know, because raspberries “have hair” and blueberries “burst weird in your mouth”. You make smoothies. Of course.

Also a good excuse to use those frozen bananas I always have. Because I always buy bananas with the intention of upping my fruit intake (despite the growing number of people who tell me bananas aren’t really good for you, my money is still on the banana in a Big Mac v. Banana fight) and I never get around to eating the whole bunch before they go brown. So I freeze them with the intention of making banana bread. Which I also never getting around to doing. The recipe: some raspberries, some blueberries, one container of vanilla yogurt, splash of soy milk, one frozen banana. How’s that for accuracy?

Of course you wouldn't want to eat those raw. They look awful.

Immeadiately before she fled the noise of the blender.

She actually said thank you. "Thank you mommy for making me a smoothie". Be still my heart.