Kirk’s been out of town on back to back courts and now he’s  home for a few days. So when he suggested we go to Waikiki Beach, I outwardly smiled. Inwardly I groaned. Waikiki. tourists, traffic, trolleys that spew exhaust and more tourists. There are better beaches all over this island. But once we get there and I’m safely on my overpriced chair under my overpriced umbrella, I get it. I get why people flock here, why they save all year and spend their precious two weeks here. It’s like the universe pressed the ‘boost color’ button. The water is electric blue, the sand is a creamy shade of white, the umbrellas are so yellow! I would go on, but it’s starting to sound like I’m describing an acid trip instead of a day at the beach.

Kirk decided to go for a swim and then suddenly the water was full of stand up paddle boarders, heading to the starting line of The Battle for the Paddle. Even Jane was pointing and hollering for him to get out of the water. Poor guy. The whole reason he wanted to go to Waikiki was to get in the water.  All in all, another great beach day. The time for them is growing short and I’m glad we braved the tourists today.

That little black dot in the foreground is Kirk's head, waiting to be taken off by a paddle boarder.

And their off!

Jane hates the water. But this seems like an ok compromise for her.

Playing so nice together.

Soaking it up before the mists of Washington.