Dear mom: Thanks for surrendering the ability to sleep through the night (I know that even long after I was a baby you laid awake worrying if I would come home on time, if I was only eating Ramen at school and whether I would turn out ok). Thanks for always brining me a sweater in your purse ‘just in case’, thanks for not freaking out when I got knocked up, thank you for all the unsolicited parenting advice (I know you aren’t trying to drive me crazy, you’re just trying to save me some of your mistakes), thank you for teaching me to make pancakes from scratch and for being such a loving grandmother to my girls, I’m so glad you’ve gotten to spend so much time with them the last three years. I hope you have a wonderful mother’s day. You deserve it. Jenn

My mother in law, Sandy is really something. She’s raised four boys and has not. one. wrinkle. No, seriously, this photo is from ’89 and she looks exactly the same. Minus the ’80s hair. Sandy, thank you for raising four really great guys, especially, of course, Kirk. Thank you for raising him to be the man he is and for teaching him that family comes first. Always. Thank you for graciously welcoming me into your family under less than ideal circumstances. Thank you for never offering me unsolicited advice, even though anyone who has met my naughty girls knows I need it. Thanks for making all those delicious rolls at Thanksgiving and for sharing your fry bread recipe. Thank you for loving Gracie and Janie so much, they are very excited to be able to see you more often. I hope your Mother’s Day is fantastic. Jenn