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I discovered this recipe in 2006 when Emeril Legasse surprised a deserving mom on Good Morning America. You know, every year he comes into the home of some poor, unsuspecting mom  like gangbusters, cameras and tearjerking video montage ready. Then he makes her eat breakfast in a prop bed in her front yard while the neighbors watch. Anyhow, this coffee cake looked delectable. Turns out, IT IS. So if you’re looking to make your mom something tomorrow to impress her or just need an excuse to use up apples I’d go with this. You can find the recipe here.

Note: I use about half the glaze. It’s pretty sweet as is with the crumble. Also, I add extra cinnamon and apples. In any recipe that ever calls for either. But especially here.

Mixed and ready. You know you’ve done good when you can see the cinnamon.

The great thing about Pyrex spatulas: they don’t leave any of your hardwork stuck in the bowl. The bad thing about Pyrex spatulas: they don’t leave any of your hard work to lick out of the bowl.

In one of the greatest surprises of my life, Grace is amazingly steady and good at sifting flour. Now, if only I could get her to wear a hair net.

Moist, cinnamony cake with brown sugar crumble and a brown sugar glaze? Yeah, I sorta ate half the pan before it even occurred to me to share with the neighbors.