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Sometimes, despite obesity on the rise and Michelle Obama telling everyone to put down the fries and Dougie (which I actually think is awesome) you are just too grumpy to make dinner. Sometimes, you let McDonald’s do it for you.

Sometimes wine won’t cut it. Sometimes you have to get out the hard stuff and go light on the tonic.

Sometimes you have to tell your kid a fib. Sometimes ‘bedtime’ comes a little early . . .

And sometimes, when geckos are crapping on your blinds and your husband is flying from Guam to D.C. and points in between because grown Airmen make worse choices than a 16 year old on hormones, and you’ve put the Barbie guitar away for the 9,000th time and the baby will not nap and those last five pounds will. not. come. off. Sometimes you need God or mother nature or the cosmos or just the right blend of vog and clouds to remind you: “Hey, you made it through another day. Your kids are healthy, you live in paradise and you’ve got chilled vodka in the freezer. So, relax. Leave the laundry and the dishes and go to bed early, because you’re going to have to make it through tomorrow too”