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Have I said yet on this blog how much I appreciate Grace’s teachers? Because I do. They manage to keep her interested and stimulated for half of the day (or the whole day on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday). So when Grace’s school is closed for things like Good Friday, I’m happy those fine ladies are getting a rest. I’m less happy for myself. It’s a challenge for me to find something for her to do that I can take Jane too, that won’t last too long, but will last long enough, that will interest her and be worth the money I have to spend. And yes, I know I’m a bad mother for paying someone else to spend time with my kid. Blah Blah Blah.

So, today we went to the ceramics shop here on base. They’ve got all sorts of plain ceramics to pick from and they don’t mind the kiddos coming in and making a mess. But they won’t let anyone under 7 have a birthday party there. Grace was REALLY mad. The poor lady at the counter kept looking at Grace and struggling to find a nice way to say: “Little kids are too loud, too messy and too prone to breaking things, plus whatever they paint looks ridiculous. So 7 and up only bubs.”

When I was little, I was kind of a dweeb (hard to imagine, I know) and I loved to paint and read and do crafts by myself. So secretly, today’s field trip was for me as well.

Happy Good Friday everyone!

Please note: 3 hours and 5 requests to clean up later, Grace still has that paint on her forehead.