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My neighbor Jason asked me how my day was. “Same as all the others” I replied. But I did appreciate him asking. One thing I’ve noticed in the past 10 months of staying at home is that people don’t really ask how my day was anymore. Maybe that’s because by 4 p.m. I’m so disheveled and bleary eyed they can about imagine how my day was. The question I get much more often is ” So . . . what do you do all day”  The tone implying there couldn’t possibly be anyway to fill up a whole day at home. Ha.

When I was wearing my big girl lawyer pants, no one ever asked me what I did all day. I went to work, so obviously I had things to do, right? Now people just  say how lucky I am to be able to stay home with the kids. Because they grow up so fast.  Because I don’t miss any of the little  moments. I love Grace and Jane from here to the moon and back. But let me let you in on a couple of  secrets 1.) When you are at home slogging through the diapers and hair braiding and the constant refrain in the back of your head ” What are you gonna make for dinner? Did you clean the bathroom this week? Did you give Grace enough food in her lunchbox? Didn’t I JUST CLEAN THIS SAME MESS UP?”, you wish they’d grow up a little faster and 2.) the sad truth is that when you are with your kids 24/7 you start to miss the little moments because they are happening all the time.  It’s the neighbors or your husband that have to point out how tall Grace has gotten, or how Jane has gotten so strong and good at pulling up on the table.

So, what do I do all day? Here are a few of the high (low) lights.

I drink too much coffee. I’m sure Dr. Oz would tell me to just drink more water and munch on some rare berry from the deserts in Africa instead. But I don’t have time for that. The coffeemaker is my best friend. When I have time I like to watch it brew and wonder why we can invent Snuggies for dogs and Viagra, but not a faster brewing coffeepot.

I spend a vast majority of my time keeping Jane from killing herself by crawling places she shouldn’t and playing with things she shouldn’t while pulling on things she shouldn’t. Jane’s current favorite game is throw everything on the floor, then crawl away.

I do lots of laundry. I’m no math wiz (that’s why I went to law school and not rocket scientist school) but I don’t think it’s mathematically possibly for the addition of one child to equal four times the laundry. And yet, here we are. God I hate laundry.

You get the point. There is more than enough bathroom cleaning, errand running, diaper changing, homework helping, watching Grace play outside, dinner making, laundry folding, grocery shopping, bandaid applying, foot impaling with Barbie’s shoe to last more than a day. In the end, if I could just not do any of the other stuff, if I could just hang out with Grace and Jane, that would be ideal. Because they are super duper awesome. But then who would make dinner?