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Today I headed to the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet with my friend Stephanie and her daughter Isabelle. Because who doesn’t have enough junk in their life? Why wouldn’t you want a monkey carved out of a fake coconut? Who doesn’t need genuine Hawaii souvenirs made in China?  What I’ve come to notice is that after about a dozen booths, you start to see the same things again and again and again . . . after awhile you get a little dizzy. The sun is beating down on you, crispy tourists “taking a break from the beach” are shoving you around and suddenly buying 10 t-shirts for $20 seems like the best idea anyone ever, ever had.

I actually bought one of the ‘lady tank tops’ mentioned to the right. I don’t know why I thought that was so funny. Lady tank tops. As opposed to gentlemen tank tops? I’m pretty sure Stephanie thought I was crazy, laughing and taking a picture of the sign. It’s just so funny! That’s another thing that is so great about the swap meet. There is a great jumble of cultures. But everyone speaks the same language: cash.

Just what every Hawaiian tourist monkey needs: wire rims.

Swap meet is actually a really good place to get local style clothing: sarongs, shirts, dresses. Lots of gorgeous, bright colors.

Paper stars I bought on impulse for Graces room. Im sure I overpaid. Youre supposed to put a cord kit in them so they light up, but that sounded like work so I skipped it.

Oh, so THATS how you open a coconut! Yikes.

Isabelle actually thought the coconut water tasted weird, but she was nice enough to pose for a photo for Auntie Jenny.

Im telling you, this is EXACTLY what your neighbors back home are hoping you will bring them.