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Apparently April is now Earth Month. In addition to being the month to celebrate all of these other things. I’m pretty excited about celebrating zipper day myself.

Anyhow, we try to teach Grace to be kind to the earth. We recycle, we don’t use plastic grocery or produce bags, she has reusable sandwich bags for her lunch, and she is always insisting we turn off the lights and don’t litter. So when she had last Friday off, I thought it would be fun to get a little dirty and plant something. Plants are good for the Earth, right? The problem was that you can’t really plant anything here in the ground at Hickam. It’s too contaminated with pesticides and God only knows what else. And I didn’t want to plant anything big, because we are leaving in a few months and I didn’t want to have to force my neighbors to take my booze collection and a plant. I was getting a little worried that I had ruined the fun when . . . YES! I remembered Sunset Magazine had sent me a packet of Basil seeds in an effort to get me to subscribe. I decline the subscription. Although with a tagline like “How to live in the west” I may have to reconsider. Either way, thanks for the seeds Sunset. Grace had fun getting dirty to plant them and we talked about how it’s better for the Earth to grow some of your own food at home.

You can go here for some ideas on how to celebrate Earth Day with your kids. You can plant lettuce in containers if you don’t have a lot of space, or you can grow your own herbs, all sorts of stuff. Kids love to dig in the dirt, so go ahead and let them. Afterall, God made dirt and dirt don’t hurt.

Probably not the proper planting technique. My dad will be so ashamed I'm not teaching Grace proper gardening skills.

And just when I thought we hadn't done it right, and they wouldn't sprout, little shoots appeared over night. Yay!!