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Quite some time ago our friends Lauren and Marcus introduced us to grilled pizza. Which is divine. The recipe was from Weber’s Way To Grill. As soon as I looked through Lauren’s copy, I wanted the book. Big glossy photos, pages and pages of new grilling ideas, big glossy photos. Had to have it. Thanks to the wonders of Amazon keeping tabs on me (stalking), I know I ordered it in October of 2009 and I’ve only ever used it for the pizza recipe. The book literally falls open to that page.

I started thinking maybe I should try out something else. Yesterday I tried the Carne Asada which was fantastic. Tonight, I tried Cider Brined Pork Chops. Helloooo delicious. You can find the recipe here.

I had never brined anything before , even though I hear it’s all the rage. I was a little intimidated by the amount of salt. 1/2 a cup!!! Of kosher salt. 1/2 Cup!!! Obviously this is not the meal for you if you’re having a problem with your blood pressure or with water retention. Turns out, it was easy. The brine took all of one minute to make. It’s all stuff I bet you have in your house right now (although I’ll admit to using Tree Top ‘hard cider’ instead of seeking out real apple cider).

The chops were easy to grill and the glaze made the apples and chops taste amazing. I completely recommend this recipe for the next time you’re looking to jazz up your pork chops. Just don’t eat any salt for about 8 weeks after. And  definitely  pick up the cookbook. It has recipes for gas grills and charcoal alike, all the way from super easy to stuff that requires special grill equipment.

In the brine. That's $17 worth of organic pork kids, so I was really hoping the whole thing would turn out.

Oh granny, you old so and so.

Butter and apple jelly over pork chops and apples? I think yes.

Finished product. Yummy Yummy. Even Jane ate some.