It’s a little weird living in a tropical paradise. It feels a little like I accidentally stumbled upon a photo shoot for Travel and Leisure’s best beaches issue.

One thing I know for sure after living here, there are not enough words in the English language to describe all the different shades of blue and green the ocean is.

Moving back to the mainland is going to be tough. I mean really tough. Everyday here is like a postcard. Even when it rains, there’s always a rainbow or some other nonsense to remind you that Hawaii is awesome. Like you would forget. We went on a little trip to the North Shore today. Started at Papailoa Beach. Not much swimming, but lots of honu and no freaky tree huggers screaming at you to stay back. Even though you should. Turtles didn’t ask for a bunch of folks to come stick a camera in their face.


Then off to Cholos for lunch and Aoki’s for a sugar rush. Look, I’ve had better mexican food than at Cholo’s. But I have not really had a better margarita. I mean, frozen peach strawberry? It’s like a slurpee with booze in it! And I’ll tell you what else. I know Matsumoto’s is supposed to be the place for shave ice. But as far as I can tell, shave ice is shave ice. So why wait in a long, long line just because a guide book says you should? Except the t-shirts. The t-shirts are better at Matsumotos. So maybe you go to the North Shore on a weekday, skip the crowds get yourself the alleged best shave ice and a trendy t-shirt. Otherwise, I’d just go to Aoki’s.

The drive to the  North Shore is gorgeous. The drive back is gorgeous. The walk down to the beach is gorgeous. Around ‘town’ we don’t get to see a lot of open fields, let alone thousands of pineapples growing out of the red clay. It’s like going to a whole other world, without all the expense and worry about asteroids. And I’m officially not saying gorgeous again for a while. I think you’ve got the point.

Walk to and from the beach is along this public access right of way. All Hawaiian beaches are open to the public, even if it means you gotta trek along someone's 8 foot security fence.