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CAUTION: One mildly explicit photo in this post. And a big apology to my mom and dad. Yes, you tried to raise me right and despite that, I still swear. Sorry.

I just got back from a run. It sucked. Just like all my other runs. Ever. In my life. I hate running. HATE IT. I do it because all other forms of exercise bore me to death (except step aerobics, move over middle aged ladies, I’m here to step it up!) and because it’s over relatively quickly, it’s a total body workout and I don’t have to wait for Kirk to come home to watch the girls to do it. Thanks to my Schwinn jogging stroller.

Today I ran farther than I have in a long time. I know because:

1.) I didn’t stop to walk. Not once. Okay. Once. But it’s not my fault. This base has a lot of weird 5 and 6 way intersections and I’m not willing to take a chance all the cars will stop where/when they should and,

2.) When I got to the point where I usually nearly pass out on the side-walk, my favorite song to run too came on and I kept running. and running. I thought “This must be it. This must be runners high! I’ve found it!!”

Wrong. Turns out I am just light headed from exhaustion and dehydration. And no, I won’t tell you how far I went because I’m sure all of you ran a million miles today much faster than I did, while answering emails on your BlackBerry and thinking up ways to solve the crisis in Libya.

So, I’m still after the elusive runners high. If you see it, send it this way!

I would smile, but lifting the corners of my mouth any farther requires more energy than I have left.

My trusty Brooks. They keep this overpronator running straight.


The jogging stroller that is much too fancy for me. So fancy in fact, my husband insist we keep it in the dining room instead of outside.

Janie. My cheerleader. See how happy she is mommy is exercising?