I love museums. Art, history, sports, children’s, whatever. LOVE THEM. Where else can you see such interesting collections of stuff? They are like little pockets full of treasure that most people don’t ever stop to look at. And as a bonus here in warm Hawaii, they are always air-conditioned.

To find some museums in your area to check out, click here or here. And that isn’t even all of them. I bet your local county has one. I bet your alma mater has one. Seriously, they are all over.

My friend Kim and I went to the Hawaii State Art Museum yesterday. It takes up the second floor of a beautiful building that used to be the YMCA. They still have the original tiles lining the floors and walls. It’s a free museum, run completely from what the state is kind enough to give them and donations. So the collection isn’t huge. But they had some great local art, and a display of art from local high school kids which was mind-blowing. So much talent! Plus, there was a small, hidden room for the kids, which I appreciated because Jane was antsy to touch something. It was a good mix. I don’t pretend to know anything about art, but it was nice to spend some time looking at beautiful and intriguing things.

AND, they had a painting of a butt. Who says museums are stuffy and for old folks? Not me.

Really colorful painted Gecko outside.

Don't worry, the sign on the wall said it was ok to touch the art.

Jane loved the color window. Mainly because it was right next to uncovered outlets.

That's right. It's what you think it is.