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So, after the morning bike ride, we headed to the Bishop Museum to check out their dinosaur exhibit. Yep, a really awesome museum and we only go to see the dinosuars. I some how conned Grace into letting me visit one floor of the ‘grown up’ part of the museum. And by con, I mean bribed with desert at lunch time. More on that later. For anyone coming to Oahu, I’d say you should visit the museum. And I don’t usually recommend museums to people.



We went to the same exhibit last year and Grace was terrified of the giant robotic dinosaurs, so I had my doubts about taking her again. Turns out since last year scientist have concluded dinosaurs used to have feathers. To cheaply compensate for the change in science, the museum glued feathers on some, but not all of the dinosaurs. Which made Grace less afraid of them. Jane didn’t really say much. At least she didn’t cry. Then we went to the children’s building at the museum. Which is actually pretty neat. They have this giant wall that looks like a disco ball and you have to make the pieces move with a windmill or percussion drum. Also, they have a giant volcano. Inside. That erupts. So, there’s that.

Then we headed to the Hawaiian Hall. The collection is amazing. Giant whales and sting rays are hung from the ceiling. Ancient Hawaiian tools and ceremonial capes made entirely by hand out of feathers. And you know how big those Hawaiian kings could be. We only got to see the first floor, and I can’t wait to go back.


After the museum we went to the Waioli Tea Room. It’s a place tucked away in the Manoa Valley. It’s not the flashiest place, nor is it the best food I’ve ever had. But it’s just so neat. It’s like eating at grandma’s house. If you’re grandma lived in the jungle. For her promised desert, Grace ordered bread pudding. Which I thought was odd. Then I realized she thought she was getting a jello pudding cup. Oops. But the bread pudding arrived and once she got over the disappointment, she realized the pudding was delicious (tastes like French Toast)

All in all, a good day. But I’m exhausted. The girls are too. They both took long, long naps. While I cleaned the bathrooms. Such is life.

Clearly, Jane is having the best time.

This is only HALF of the mural depicting the Hawaiian creation story.

Tea Time!

Not the pudding I was expecting . . .

Can't stop eating the bread pudding. Mom's always right: try it. You'll like it!