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Big things happening around here. For example: the orchid we bought last year at the farmer’s market is blooming again. After lots of neglect and drought. It is also Grace’s spring break. So I’m scrambling to keep the her busy. Yesterday gymnastics, lunch with a friend, a two hour nap and a 3 hour play marathon with the neighbor kids. And now I’m out of polite, mildly acquainted neighbor to neighbor conversation. And it’s only Tuesday.


Today, we headed to the Waikiki Aquarium. For those of you who have been there, you know how sad the place is. You can see more fish for free by peering over the sea wall directly behind the aquarium. But Grace really likes it. She insisted we go to each fish tank so she could listen to the germ wand. I mean the audio device they give you with prerecorded information on the fish. What did she learn? That some people cut off shark fins and make soup, leaving the finless shark in the water to die. Which she keeps repeating. To everyone. Awesome.

Then we headed up Manoa Valley to Fendu Boulangerie. Place is overflowing with chocolate croissants and pear danish . . . good thing I didn’t give up sugar for Lent. Didn’t get many pictures because we scarfed everything within about a minute. I actually said to Grace “WAIT! Here, pretend to eat my croissant for a picture. Don’t actually eat it though. I want it. ” Up next: Bishop Museum, Wailoli Tea Room, Fabric Mart and the Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden and hopefully Kalapawai. Let me just say for the record, Grace’s teacher, Mrs. Keenan, does not get paid enough to put up with my kid all day. Jane and I are both exhausted.


Jane waving to the fishies. Grace kept saying "Why am I not allowed to touch the glass, but Jane is?"

Using the magnifying glass to check out the seahorse.

Face stuffing.

When is sissy going back to school? I'm soooo tired.