So, today is St. Patrick’s Day. Brush up on the history here, and check out all the random places in America that have huge celebrations. Rolla, MO anyone? It’s one holiday I’ve never really gotten into. Don’t get me wrong, Ireland looks like a lovely country I’d like to visit someday. I’ve been known to drop a shots of Jagermiester in a Guinness and have a good time. But I don’t wear green (I look awful in green) and yes, I did get a nice pinch from an elderly lady today for my transgression. Lauren and Marcus moved away so I don’t have anyone to make me corned beef and cabbage. And without a babysitter, I won’t be headed down to the Irish Bars for a night of carousing. So it was starting to look like a pretty unfestive day around here.

AND THEN . . . Irish Soda Bread! Of course! I love carbs, they love me, and Grace is always up to stick her hands in something goopy. Match made in heaven. Thanks to Ina Garten for the recipe. Which includes orange zest and currants.Pretty sure that’s not traditionally Irish, but whatever. It’s smells good.




Post Script:  I wrote most of this post while the bread was baking. Now that it’s done, I’m a little ashamed to say Grace and I have gobbled up about half the loaf. And the house smells amazing good. So, this is definitely a recommended recipe. Good to make with the kiddos and easy ingredients. Now, back to stuffing my face . . .