Jane started crawling. March 10th, 2011 at approximately 3:50 p.m. She’s been close for weeks, she’d get up on all fours and you could see the gears turning: ” I just know there is some way to get from here, over there, where the cooler toys are” Much like her mom however, she’d give up before she got going because she was just too lazy.

She decided that the lure of a black and red ball under her exersaucer was greater than her laziness. And off she went. I didn’t even have the camera because I really didn’t think she would do it. That, coupled with the fact that Jane is suspicious of the camera and would stop crawling to give me a pointed “Put that thing away, the flash freaks me out” look didn’t make for very good first crawl photos for the baby book.

What follows are pictures taken the same evening as the big crawl. And yes, I realize they are a weird angle and not very clear. But if you want to take a picture of Jane, you have to keep the camera out of her sight. It’s like photographing animals in the wild. Enjoy them if you can. If not, we’ll be here till July, you’re welcome to come see for yourself.

The event: Jane. Crawling. A milestone for sure, but the beginning of “No. Don’t touch that. Don’t crawl over there, get back HERE”

The Date: March 10th 2011

The Lure: Sparkle Snow White Barbie. Because a baby will only crawl to get something. Not just for the fun of it.

Things Destroyed Since First Crawl: Everything on front of refrigerator, bottom shelf of books, the baby book, attempts have also been made to pull the curtains down and get into the t.v. stand