I have two waffle irons. And the sad truth is, I never use either. I love waffles, but I prefer to save them for special occasions (a.k.a. times that we are not at home and I don’t have to clean the waffle iron out).

However, Kirk and I recently saw Rachel Ray make brownies in her waffle iron. And we thought “Hell, we should do that! If Rachel Ray can do it, so can we.” And no, we don’t need to get into a discussion about how Rachel Ray is unwatchable, unlikable or unbelievable as a chef. I get it. She isn’t Julia Child. But she has some interesting ideas. And her EVOO pourer thing is awesome. So we set out to make waffle iron brownie sundaes.

We actually tried this about two weeks ago. On the show, Ms. Ray stated you should use a box of brownie mix and follow the package directions. Then dump it in your waffle iron. LIAR. I did that and the batter stuck in most of the nooks and crannies and burned in the places it wasn’t stuck. I seriously considered throwing the stupid thing out (I mean, I do have a back up . . .) However, upon actually Googling the recipe I discovered I should double the oil and egg and omit the water the package calls for. Must have just forgot to mention that, huh Rachel?

Anyway, the brownies came out much better the second go round. That is, they didn’t stick to my iron. I would recommend trying this if you have some brownie mix around, and you like the edges of the brownie when you bake them in a regular pan. All in all, I wouldn’t say this was the best idea ever, but it does get bonus points for making my house smell like brownies 26 hours later.

They got a little burned in some places, not in others. Guess my iron doesn't heat evenly.

















Notice this isn't a full waffle quarter. But who notices when you heap it with ice cream and caramel sauce?