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This past Sunday was Jane’s baptism. Exactly four years and ten days after we baptized Grace. Guess we only have babies in June and only baptized them in February. We had the baptism done at the Pearl Harbor Chapel. Jane wore the same dress Grace did at her baptism. We are hoping to find someone to embroider both dates on the inside, so we can pass it down to their kids someday. There were two other babies there, one of whom had about 40 family members with her. I felt a little bad for Jane. I only brought half the neighborhood.

Jane behaved herself really well. She didn’t even fuss when the water was poured over her head, which is a good sign the holy took, I think. We had cake and cocktails afterwards.

Kirk and I were very glad my parents could make it over, but wish that all of you could have come. We are thankful that we have some really great friends here who were able to attend. A big thanks to our neighbor Kristina who acted as a proxy godparent for us.

Sorry the photos aren’t that great, but the light in the chapel is awful and well, Jane was so infused with the holy spirit she wouldn’t sit still.

Blessing the water

Cool as a cucumber. Jane was ready for action.

That's our neighbor Kristina. She and my dad were proxy godparents.

Post baptism hair is awesome!!