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This past weekend we went to Kauai, probably our last outer island trip. We stayed at the Pacific Missile Range Barking Sands. The drive is long, the beach is deserted and it feels like the end of the earth.  Look it up on Wikipedia if you want to find out all  the fun things the Navy does with your tax dollars out there. Our friends Jaime and Kim Espinosa came with us. Jaime is a JAG here at Hickam and Kim is also an attorney. They are pretty brave folks to come on vacation with us. This trip confirmed my opinion that Kauai is the best island. It’s exactly what you expect Hawaii to be. Green. Lush. Blue. Sandy. Peaceful.

We stopped in Waimea, the last real town on Highway 50 to have lunch and get some supplies (the rest of the important supplies like beer and smores fixings would come from the small exchange at the base). There are only 12 cabins on the base. I had to make the reservation in October. So it sounds very fancy and exclusive. Still, we weren’t sure what to expect. Military lodging isn’t always the best. When we got to our cabin we were all blown away. Ocean front doesn’t begin to describe it. It was almost like stealing, since the cabins are only $80 a night.

Friday afternoon we didn’t do much. We grilled out with charcoal (remember charcoal? The stuff you used to use for BBQs before $500 gas grills were all the rage?) and had smores. The sun set directly over Nihau, the last inhabited island in the Hawaiian chain.

Saturday we were up early thanks to the girls but it gave us the opportunity to see an unbelievable sunrise. UN.BE.LIEVABLE. Then we headed for Polihale State Park. Which literally is the end of the road on Kauai. The cliffs of the Na Pali coast begin to rise up to 4,000 feet out of the ocean at this point. I guess no one wanted to build a road over that. I’m pretty sure we shouldn’t have taken the rental cars down the rutted, sandy ‘road’ to get there but we made it in and back. And the view was absolutely worth it.

After we returned to the cabin we did nothing. Well that isn’t true. We sat on the beach, drank beer and played horseshoes. So I guess that’s something. Grace made Kirk and Jaime build her quite the sand castle. The clouds came in, the rain started but who cared. Rain right by the ocean beats rain anywhere else. Anyday. Sunday we left and I was glad for the gross weather. Otherwise I might have stayed forever.

Below I’ve posted my most favorite photos and a slideshow of the rest. Hope you enjoy them.

This is the type of sunset that really makes you thankful God made the sky.

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