I know, I know. I talk. A lot. I think a lot of what I have to say. I find myself really, really amusing. And intelligent. 

But I don’t intend to use this blog so much to ramble about Republicans or people that litter. I take a lot of pictures. Who wouldn’t of these two adorable girls? And I’ve tried to share them on facebook, but my parents don’t facebook (thank the good, dear dear Lord) and I’ve tried Shutterfly, but they just hijack your email address to harass you into spending money.  So I’m going to put the pictures here in one easy access place. Because that’s the whole point of technology right? To make things easier?

I hope to share all of the  random and mundane stuff life is made up of.

We start with a trip to the beach and a bike ride. Which were fun, after we spent WAY MORE time getting ready for them than you could ever dream was necessary. Can I just tell you one of the nine gazillion things no one tells you about having kids: everything takes about thirty more minutes than it should to get done. Because they need snacks, or to use the potty or where’s my coloring book to take in the car, who needs a clean diaper, my bike helmet itches, do we have snacks, I don’t want that sand shovel I want that sand shovel, do we have SNACKS??!!

I think I’ve solved the teen pregnancy epidemic. Just tell them all how little time they will have to text and facebook and bully each other and shop at Forever21 if they have a baby. And I bet you they will all stop having sex. Cold. Turkey.

Sunshine through green leaves. In January. LUCKY. ME.

Jane's first bike ride.